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February 2018

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  The Operational Environment

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PostSubyek: The Operational Environment   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:48 am

The company must make changes to adjust to the competitive environment. Changes related to the subject to create something with the other. The company's operational environment includes competitors, the credit, customers, suppliers and employees.
To identify the competitors, companies can use the matrix profile competition (Competitive Profile Matrix / CPM). In the matrix using the critical success factors that consist of advertising, product quality, price competitiveness, management, financial position, customer loyalty, global expansion and market share.
Analysis of the most important in the operational environment is to understand the customers of company. Customers can be grouped into consumer and industry. Customer profile consumer information can be arranged according to geographical, demographic, psikografis, behavior and benefits. While the information industry includes variable operational approach to purchasing, situasional factors and personal characteristics. Customer profile Internet can be categorized based on community interest, community relations, community transaction, the fantasy community and community professionals.
The company must maintain good relationships with suppliers to maintain the sustainability and growth of the company in the long term. Suppliers can provide support in form of raw materials, equipment, services, and even financial support. Often suppliers can also help with reasonable prices, improved quality, timely delivery of the goods and reduce the cost of supplies, so that they can increase profits in the long term for the company.
In addition to suppliers, the credit is an important partner in the company, because it can provide evaluation of the company's operational environment. Besides the credit can also support the company in the field of financial or other resources to maintain and mengimplentasikan strategy to compete with the company.
Officers or employees or human resource assets, the company's most important. Former CEO of Unilever, Floris A. Maljers says "the biggest obstacle faced by the company in the face of globalization is the limited human resources, not limited capital." Most companies die, because subordinates should always follow their leaders that never changed. Historian, Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., in a book titled Strategy and the progress of the company's structure-American company, because it would make changes, especially in the management system. Chandler examines the four major American companies, namely General Electric, Du-Pont, Standard Oil company and Exxon. Availability changed from the fourth CEO of the company that makes the company has up to now still survive.
Employees are rice, while the style of management is a side dish. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric when it says "We are the things to pawn our people, then we need to empower them, give them resources and out of trouble with how to use them." Jack Welch invest half time with employees, so he knows them, talk with them about the problems the company, if they praised the good performance, but berate them if their performance down. He knows about 1000 employees who have good ideas and have responsibility over their work. Personal approach that made Jack Welch to the employees who produce extraordinary results in increased performance. "If you win, we all win" Thus said Welch. That 27,000 employees of General Electric have shares. In 2001 to 2007, General Electric was selected as "The Most Admired Company in the World" ranked first version of Fortune.
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The Operational Environment
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